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Just Prison? - By Ronald W. Nikkel - 4.2.2013
Ken Marti Vaheri avakõne Restorative Justice konverentsil Rahvusraamatukogus 7.09.2011 - 30.9.2011
Jim Hilborn. Restorative justice Found and Lost - 12.9.2011
Jim Hilborn: SEL SID SON: A Neurocriminology Model of the Re-entry and Desistance Process, 2011 February - 2011
The crisis of criminal law or social crisis - Avo Üprus 2011
Social Rehabilitation of Offenders - Avo Üprus 1.3.2010
Why Lifers? Why Not? James W. Hilborn.(*.pdf) - James W. Hilborn Ettekanne konverentsil Elu Küsimused. 16.10.2008
INTRODUCTION: Seeking and violating justice. Avo Üprus - Avo Üprus Peatükk raamatust Õigus halastusele 2008
Public Safety and Restorative Justice - Daniel W. Van Ness 2007
Punishment and its expediency - Avo Üprus 2007
Biblical approach to the problem of justice by Dan van Ness and Howard Zehr - Avo Üprus 2007
Management by prison administrations of life-sentence and other long-term prisoners - 2003